Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meals on wheels

I was attempting to follow up and see what happened to the couple who were caught last summer -- I'm sorry: "set up." That's not right either, is it. Allegedly set up. There we go. They were allegedly set up and subsequently caught with a few gallons of moonshine inside a daycare center.

Read the original bust of the couple that ran the North Carolina Daycare here.

Here's a picture that was snapped at the bust:

The blue capped jars (the ones next to the sawed off shotgun on top of the beer which is holding up the milk jugs of moonshine?) are Courvoisier and a jug of Seagrams gin. You can see that more clearly in another shot, which also details revolvers and fanned out bills.

Among the comments on this story I found someone suggesting that "the perfect front" for a bootlegger would be to "drive a regular Meals on Wheels route." Which sounds a lot like the old ice cream truck drug dealer thing.

The thing is: it's not as if the cops busted in and found some guy upstairs drinking moonshine with a shotgun in the dresser drawer to protect his house. These people were selling booze out of a daycare center. The Meals on Wheels/Ice Cream Truck facade may, in fact, be a great cover. This one is not.

This didn't make it into the book. Had it happened earlier, I'd have been tempted to go down and follow their case. But these two definitely deserve a spot in the How to be a Criminal series.

How to be a Criminal, Bonus item #1: Keep the general standards of society in mind. Don't sell drugs at the playground. Don't run your nip joint in day care center.


  1. You left out 3 of the 4Ws:
    1)Who was busted?
    2)Where was the daycare center?
    3)When did this happen?

    Also: Were parents picking up hooch along with their little darlings at the daycare center?

  2. Sorry, Bella, I meant to link to the actual journalism. I'll edit that link into the piece.

    In answer: The couple that runs the place, plus some octogenarian who might, allegedly, make the stuff, were first busted in North Carolina over the summer, and the case has been ongoing.

    There was an article that detailed the parents' astonishment, as well as the neighbor's complaints, but it seems to have been put away. The parents never suspected a thing, of course. The neighbors have been complaining about this place for years. And when the cops showed up, if I remember correctly, they had the kids raking the yard.